Finding My Own True North

Finding My Own True North

In navigation, True North can be identified with know how without the use of a compass. True North is a constant location, never changing. A compass actually points to Magnetic North, which is close to the North Pole, but is not exact (and according to National Geographic, is moving location again).

In life, I rely on my moral compass for guidance, my steadfast values that are not open to compromise. I look to the visions I have for how I want my life to be (my maps, per se) as a result of my initiative and energies expelled now and in the future.

For me, “True North” is my constant North. No matter where I find myself, no matter where I lose myself, and regardless of how lost I let myself become, I can grasp my bearings by looking inward to my True North to find my way.

Navigating What True North Means for Me

Navigation is essential in my life. As busy as I am professionally and socially, I must plan out my commitments and pursuits. This is essential to make sure I don’t lose connections or lose my mind. I live for serendipity but I’m not a big fan of surprises.

Recreationally, whether SCUBA diving or backcountry hiking I rely on a compass to ensure I do not get lost. Finding oneself lost in either if these situations could be devastating. I bring my atlas on every road trip. Maps. Finding myself lost on the road can be scary but is mostly frustrating. Whereas, finding myself lost in life can be derailing at best.


My Own True North


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