Post Holiday Reality Check | Attitude Reset

Post Holiday Reality Check | Attitude Reset

Sooooo, I do not fit into my intended New Year’s Eve outfit. Que sera, sera – I get it, I get it! Nobody force fed me with tubes down my throat like foie gras ducks all those sparkling wines, cakes, sweets, treats, and many yummy eats during the holiday season. Post holiday reality check just ego checked me, hard, hockey style.

I summoned up my inner cowgirl and pulled on my Big Sky Yoga Retreats t-shirt from my Cowgirl Yoga guru, Margaret Burns Vap. I need some big guns to help me out on this one and her classes certainly schooled me! Margaret, I should say, is probably far too savvy to find herself stuck with unwanted, lingering holiday “guests” such as those clinging to my thighs.

I checked my studio’s schedule and I even arrived 10 minutes prior to class like a good little student. Only to learn that the flow class I intended for was actually taking place at the Scottsdale studio and I read the wrong schedule online!

Grrrr!! I give myself an A for effort but a D- for execution.

Quickly drumming up a Plan B I decided to take my car to get washed, which is a truly monumental event. This little SUV has not seen the interior of a car wash since our Fourth of July weekend camping trip…. As in we have driven to the Grand Canyon – twice – to the border of Mexico, to New Mexico and back, through dusty mountain roads and monsoon storms… all without a bath. My tomboy car is now prettier than white patent leather mary jane shoes on Easter Sunday!

Although I missed my flow class with Jenn, I knew I could turn to Margaret’s wisdom for her holiday detox plan. I moved my coffee table, lit a candle, rolled out the yoga mat, turned up the iPod, and Chloe watched as I took myself through several series of sun salutations and Margaret’s advised poses here.

I have an alternate NY Eve outfit idea in mind. With the right earrings and sparkly lip gloss I’ll be just fine. But I do need to find a way to graciously advise holiday poundage that I just will not be able to host them next year!


My Own True North Holiday Check


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