‘Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost?

‘Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost?

I feel a bit of sadness right now at hearing that one of my favorite shops in San Francisco has closed. I’m kicking myself now for not using that wasted plane ticket (I really should have demanded payback from the flaky host for that cancellation – sigh) from an intended jaunt to the city if for no other purpose than to nourish my creative desires window-shopping along Polk and Gough Streets. The first time I went to San Francisco I visited Swallowtail on four occasions (three of which required me walking up Broadway on a broken foot that hadn’t yet been treated by a physician). My first steps through the threshold of this darling and eclectic shop impelled me to seriously consider abandoning life in Phoenix to take up permanent residence as a Swallowtail squatter.

I left my heart in San Francisco that weekend. Swallowtail proved to me that there is such a thing as love at first sight. Swallowtail was to be a warm friend greeting me upon my returns to the city! It offered me this perfect blend of beautiful, smart, quirky, and old design with combinations of collectibles, antique chandeliers, Lucite recliners and chairs, and a resident taxidermized ram! Oh, Swallowtail I am sad I did not see you this summer and I apologize for not properly saying goodbye. You will be missed!

a little bit of Swallowtail that I once brought home with me is guarding my rosary from St. Mark’s Basilica – who doesn’t ever need an extra hand from time to time?

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