Kendrick Park, Snowcats, and Lightening Bugs

Kendrick Park, Snowcats, and Lightening Bugs
I realized while looking at my calendar today the chances of me getting to Snowbowl for the slopes is likely not going to happen for me this season. My new Burton gear will have to wait for another year. Craving the mountain peak, I mulled through my old photos and came across this shot I took of Humphrey’s Peak from the cabin in Kendrick Park exactly one year ago today (honest, that was the date my camera recorded).

Not what I would call Serendipity but a neat coincidence.

Kendrick Park is about 30 or so miles north of Flagstaff and about 15 north of Snowbowl ski resort. The San Francisco Peaks block out nearly all of the light pollution from the south and the night skies here are the celestial seducers of wonder! I could not only see Orion, I saw the edge of the Milky Way and even beyond.

Another night time activity, while curled up in blankets, shivering in the freakishly strong winds across that meadow, was to drink wine (for warmth, of course) and watch the Snowcats groom the ski runs for the next day’s guests. We could see their twinkling lights traverse up and down the slopes at the top of that peak, about 12,000 feet in all. They looked like phantom lightening bugs glittering in the night, sans summer warmth and humidity. The blanket of white reflected the moon so brilliantly it wasn’t necessary to use flashlights to see in the quietly eerie darkness.







They say pictures are worth a thousand words and reflection on the weekend of this pictures does bring a certain measure of bitter sweetness.

People come and go, and things happen with and without reason.

I should have made a snow angel riiiiiiiiiight… there.

XO, Jennifer

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