Boarding pass, check. Yoga mat, check!

Boarding pass, check. Yoga mat, check!

Thoroughly energized and inspired by my excursion to A River Runs Through It country last fall for the ultimate in body, mind, and soul yoga indulgence (indulgence in the best way) culminated in Big Sky Yoga Retreats’ Eat Pray Love yoga and hike retreat in breathtaking Big Sky, Montana I ready myself for my next yogi adventure.

This year’s fortune brings me to Treebones, an eco-resort I’ve wanted to visit for years in Big Sur, CA – a coastal community since seeing the very poorly filmed The Sandpiper with a then luscious Elizabeth Taylor and her hunky hubby, Richard Burton. Hmm… seaspray, the first Hollywood power couple, rocky oceanside cliffs, and cheesy 1960’s cinema soundtracks? I saw this film when I was a pre-teen and was totally hooked.


Back to Treebones…. the theme of the retreat is Yoga in Nature and with the near tipping toward chaos (as in I schedule and pack in way more than any person should – I manage to do it, and do it quite well – but when a monkey wrench comes along….) that is my regular life, I look forward to unplugging and decompressing… no cell phone service… no room service…. no adjoined bathroom. Just me, my journal, and my own little yurt. And the coastal cliffs, briny breezes, and spectacular sunsets of Big Sur. Much rumination to follow.

…and it is slated to rain… every day that I am there… rain is a perfect manifestation of the metaphor for my state of mind — clean, wash, quench.

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