First, the backstory…

A couple of my friends and I are Audrey Tautou fanatics… borderline crazy girl fans like we are 11 years old again, pre-pubescent and screaming for New Kids on the Block (or at least I was screaming for New Kids on the Block and I just dated myself). Anyway, back to my muse today, Audrey Tautou. She is the epitome of French chic and darling — the quintessential perfect twenty-first century icon of style, beauty, and grace.

(picture from this darling blog)
She’s the new face for Chanel & even portrayed a young Coco in one of the best films I saw in 2009.

J’adore Audrey!

These friends and I love to muse about Happenstance and Amelie — and simply cannot get enough of this darling woman and her delightful little films….

On to Happenstance, I love finding Serendipity in my life but Serendipity’s beautiful cousin, Happenstance should not dare be overlooked!

One of these adorable friends posed a question to me this morning:

As I was sitting in deep reflection, I wondered do you wait for “Happenstance” or do you seek it out…hmmm.

 I think there is a direct correlation between a woman’s initiative to get off her beautiful bootie and out into the world – really living in the world – and taking risks in that world – and her likelihood to find Serendipity… and Happenstance.

(thanks to this lovely chronicle I have confirmed my inner French girl‘s joie de vivre es tres superbe!)

Bonjour monde!

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  1. Amy
    February 3, 2010 / 2:54 am

    Mystery solved…CARPE DIEM!


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