Strawberries! (Sigh) Strawberry fields – I’ve been to the dedication in Central Park (multiple times). As a little girl I ran through them on the plantation I lived on in an archipelago off the coast of Portugal (along with pink banana trees and melons of every variety). Not to mention wild hydrangeas that ruined me for life against greenhouse varietals!!! I even nurture strawberry pots in my patio garden until the brutal Phoenician sun burns the tender buds and leaves to a crisp each summer (but I try). The only beverage of my choice at In N Out Burger is a strawberry milkshake. My natural hair color has been described as strawberry (although it has been so long I really can’t tell you what my natural color is by definition). Jam in my refrigerator is always strawberry. My favorite addition to spinach salad? Strawberries! I loved the doll growing up and even recovered from a personal affront I experienced in college: Picture Bath & Body Works circa 1999 – the red gingham aprons? I had a Dharma and Greg-ish cutsie haircut… was working one day at B&BW wearing my apron and a customer actually shrieked when she saw me (she was probably my age, even), walked up to me, cupped my face (AKA SHE TOUCHED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and said “you’re too cute! you look just like Strawberry Shortcake!”. At that life defining moment I angstedly decided that I (A) hated her, (B) hated my job, and (C) my days as a natural redhead would be numbered. Strawberries….

What about strawberry clouds? These are so sweet and lovely. The weather patterns here are drowning my basil pots and creating super soggy grass with which Chloe’s muddy paw prints decimate my neurotically pristine creamy carpets. BUT – a benefit of this atmosphere is the beautiful display of clouds! Big, puffy, frothy clouds! Backdropped against a great blue sky (hmm, wind and rain do something to our smog cloud). As I was on the pass to merge from the 51 to the 101 today to pick up my brother for our version of “brother/sister date night”I had a wonderfully lofted view during gridlock to watch the sunset through the clouds. I saw, Strawberry clouds! The sky was tangerine with strawberry clouds.

And although I didn’t get a picture tonight, I have something for you still. 

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