Hope, Prayer, New Friendship in Yellowstone

Hope, Prayer, New Friendship in Yellowstone

Some connections and meetings are the work of Providence. Tonight I came across the journal I took with me to Montana and Wyoming last fall. I went backpacking and camping, solo, in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons parks the week prior to Labor Day. That little adventure was followed with a restoring and uplifting yoga retreat nestled in a mountain range of Big Sky, Montana. Prior to arriving in Big Sky, during my stays in Yellowstone, I encountered a woman who I hope remains a friend in my life for a long time. Charlene.

I felt kindred with her and we talked, at length, about love, yoga, spirituality, and life paths. She was raised in my faith but for her own very personal and deep reasons no longer practices that faith and spirituality. She is still one of the most deeply dialed in and spiritual persons who I know. When we spoke about finding love – a lifetime and romantic type of love – she shared with me a prayer she made prior to meeting her husband. It involved asking God if it (her finding enduring, romantic, partnering love) would be in His Will. Humble in her prayer, she acknowledged the will of a being she believed to be much greater than her own.

Mount Washburn Yellowstone National Park

View from the top of the Mount Washburn, and my new friend stood by me as I took this photo

I chewed on her statements an awful lot after that afternoon on top of Mt. Washburn…. I have only a few moments that I freeze framed in my memory to retain with a razor sharp focus and clarity – these are moments in which I in the moment believed I actively engaged and simultaneously witnessed a paradigm shift and growth recognition in my self and world relationship. This conversation with Charlene, strikingly intimate and personal for two veritable strangers, changed me. Altered a consciousness.

I’m going to talk about God tonight. You can insert Universe, Being, or whatever helps you get through what I want say.

An excerpt from my journal later in that trip while in my own reflections singularly exploring the parks – and exploring my own psyche and how I responded to self imposed solitude for the week.

I’ve said many prayers, silently and outwardly. Privately and publicly. In my prayers and my pleas I never asked God who I am supposed to be. I ask Him for so many blessings (and I thank Him for His gifts and fortunes given to me – and I ask for more). I ask Him to protect my family and to guide my friends in ways that I think they might need His grace. But, of all the things from Him I ask or beg, I never asked if any of the things that I ask… if they are what He wants for me.


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