Pleasantries (ha!) at Lake Pleasant

Pleasantries (ha!) at Lake Pleasant

What a lovely and brief escape from the city!

Saturday, following Pat’s Run, Pints for Pat, making a cake out of baby diapers and celebrating my friend’s baby shower I grabbed my tent and gear, snagged my bikini and Chloe, and drove up to Lake Pleasant to meet my friends who already set up camp and were several margaritas ahead of me. I only got to stay for the night and was up at 6 am to repack, drive home, and get myself gussied up for Mass and Catechism classes – my kiddoes are certainly on top of whether or not they see their teachers in Mass, the little stinkers! 🙂 But 14 hours was enough to satiate my hunger for star gazing lakeside.

I simply adore the desert in bloom – and yet although we neared 90 degrees on this day the water at Lake Pleasant was still too cold – but I did get in about halfway to my ankles!

And this may or may not be the moment when she picked up that darned tick (seriously the MOST DISGUSTING and VILE “THINGS”… EVER)!

Her little bottom and belly were truly tan from the dust – she promptly got TWO baths upon us returning to Phoenix (and one was with that caustic tick killing shampoo, ick, ick, blech, gasp, DISGUSTING THINGS!)

How prettily does the moon rise over thee?

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