Dating from Different Worlds

Dating from Different Worlds

I think this is the longest I’ve been on here without posting. I have been seeing quite a bit of a certain rugby player since he got back from Montana on Monday. Last night was quite an interesting dichotomy of evenings for me. I met up three other fabulous ladies for a terraced happy hour and dinner at House of Tricks — miam, miam! House of Tricks was my kind of world. Dating “Rugby Fellow” is a whole other level of dating from different worlds.

Brut champagne, roquefort and brie, and a positively luscious foie gras started off an evening that would begin with girl talk (and can girls ever talk – thank heaven for girlfriends for the sake of my sanity) and the evening ended with a full on testosterone fest.

How on Earth did I go from champagne and foie gras at one end of the evening to pitchers of IPA, Buckhunter, and foozeball… AND being an unknowing victim of circumstance to a prank that his rugby buddies played on him for being hours late to a buddy’s birthday party (that was my bad, I simply had to sip on a third glass of champagne, and our girl talks were too scrumptious to rush). Don’t misunderstand me, I like all of the above. But all in the same evening? That’s… ambitious?

OH! Back to the Hilarious prank. Right, right. Oh this is a sign of I’m sure what else I have to look forward to…. I offered to DD my rugby fellow to and from his buddy’s birthday party so that he could have fun with his pals and not worry about the temptation to drive. Arizona is scarily detestable for the DUI laws here. Someone could blow 0.01 and if the officer decides, will charge a DUI….. I did not realize that the “changed location” of the party was actually a gay bar that was hosting an amateur pole dancing competition.

In fact, even when I realized that I was the ONLY woman in the bar and even he stated that we were in a gay bar, I still didn’t make the connection. Then, the DJ came on the overhead, the opening chords to “Sexy Back” blasted in the speakers, and the bar was encouraged to “give him a hand as he performs his first dance for (our) enjoyment.” Only then did I start to think that something was amok.

Then the first amateur came out and he spun around that pole better than Demi Moore in whatever really bad early 90’s film she made…. We knew we were had. I really haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time. I simply had to buy his buddy who came up with the idea a pitcher of beer because that was one of the best pranks I’ve seen, let alone been a victim of, in such a long time.

And how precious is House of Tricks? 



I cannot think of many things that go better with a 90 degree sunny day than cool, bubbling, champagne.

So I stepped outside of my normal “type” when I looked toward my rugby player. And I can say right now that going outside my own box has been incredibly refreshing and sooooo much fun! While I did discredit the fellow when we initially met months ago and did not see him as a realistic dating prospect for me, his friendship and presence has been steady. As I have been getting to know him I found that this particular onion/ogre has a lot more beneath the surface than the positively adorable yet goofy meathead who can consume more beer than the entire of Deutschland.

I must say that our dates have been most enjoyable as we spend the evenings grilling out, hitting the pool for evening swims, and savoring six packs. I met a couple of his friends already and we both stand for some additional friend tests today as we hit up a couple of parties this afternoon and evening (one for his friends, one for mine….).

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