Sardonic Sunday

Sardonic Sunday

Yes, Sundays can be sarcastic. Today is definitely a sardonic Sunday.

Slept in and woke up late. No Sunday school this week and I skipped Mass, too (I know, my bad). Took the rugby fellow to Sunday brunch (no Mother’s Day plans for either of us – my momma’s en route to Dallas) at one of my favorite spots in town (which I will NOT mention because I love them too much for under the bus throwing… more on that to come later). Over mimosas and bloody marys we continued to have the same familiar and easy comfortability with each other. Mr. Rugby’s perceptive and when he asked what thoughts I lost myself into as we sat under the awning in a delightful courtyard patio enjoying the 88 degree midday temperature, I responded candidly…. I like my solitude and he and I have been pretty much non-stop since Monday with the exception of a night off for me on Thursday to go to yoga and work on my paper that’s due tomorrow evening (still so far from being done… so far).

As much as I like my solitude, I’m enjoying his company so much more. Even when he snoozed on my sofa in a post-rugby practice coma/nap while I caught up on my laundry, cleaned my bathroom, and did research for my paper on the Higher Education Reauthorization Act (I know! Vomit, right? But it’s necessary knowledge I must have for my degree). And after we went to his friend’s pool party together, I was excited to introduce him to some friends of my own.

Which brings me back to brunch. We enjoyed scrumptious eggs benedict with chorizo and corn cakes instead of ham and english muffins and huevos rancheros with a mellow verde chile and sipped our cocktails through straws… and within thirty minutes each developed a slight case feeling… not great. Uck! Which is why I wont throw my unnamed restaurant (because I WILL be back) under the bus, but I do need to call the manager pronto. And this is why today is a sarcastic Sunday!!!!

The best double for a vase? Try a water glass!! Fresh cut flowers just make my living room sing….

And I am starting to wonder how a total moron who cannot construct one sentence without a typo or misplaced word not only has his own PhD but has the nerve to grade my assignments under the bus and attempt to copy edit me???? I have to constantly ask him which APA edition he’s grading me with – 5th or 6th! Should be 5th but how far do I want to push my battles with him? I already put myself on his “list” I just know it. Sorry, I can’t help that he’s a complete idiot. I can’t help that the fool is also responsible for my grades and is killing my score in this class. I’m already sweating and I have three weeks left after tomorrow (BIG GULP).

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  1. May 14, 2010 / 11:56 pm

    Miss Mims sounds pretty smitten 🙂 Maybe he could be your wedding date?!?!

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