Sunday Funday and Sweet Romance

Sunday Funday and Sweet Romance

Sunday Funday! That’s what they say. Sunday SHOULD be a funday. This Sunday, as most of my Sundays, is not a fun day! For me, Sunday is – always – the no hold barred aggressive attempt to catch up work that was not finished from the prior week. As I’m writing, I’m trying to figure out how on Earth I will be able to finish grading the papers from the class I teach and also finish the paper from the class I take. All so I have tomorrow evening free to spend sharing Kronenbourg 1664 bottles with the cutest rugby player I ever laid my batting brown eyes on upon his return to Phoenix from Maggotfest.

As this is a budding romance I want to not know the debauchery that happens during this notorious weekend. I have seen what happens just at a single rugby game (lots of hits, even more beer).

So, I must now log off and select a fabulous playlist to carry me through the night so I can see my darling fellow — I want to pinch myself, really. He’s adorable, in a sweet way. No… REALLY cute, NICE, dependable, and stayed around after I overlooked him in January for Mistake of the Year (remember phone blocks, slut shaming?). He offered to defend my honor. Offered to help me resolve a situation that was becoming harassing and abusive. He tells me, specifically, what attributes about me that he likes. And he can cook!

In serious intention, though, “Rugby Fellow” is not my type. Not in a bad way. In a different way. While we are – very much – a new “thing,” I feel strangely safe, comforted, and validated with him. He is disarming, and I feel like I want to be able to fall for this one. I’m excited and hopeful. He doesn’t have the financial resources of most men I’ve dated — he recently left his work for a self-funded sort of sabbatical. The way he explained it to me, he had a lot of success, and was on a vertical upward track, and was miserable. So, he left and is taking some time off to live simply, reassess his values and goals, and reset. I can get behind that mindset.

Christopher Campbell

I admire someone who is brave enough to take stock of his life and decide he is not on a path toward quality of life and is willing to make a hard decision to change that. In similar inspiration, I know I want to be with someone. My current lifestyle isn’t exactly conducive to building a relationship. I’ve taken stock, myself, and see the patterns. Either I am with someone who doesn’t have the patience with me for me to open up on my own time or have the patience with the limited TIME time I have…. OR… he doesn’t have any time for me, which is also a problem. With Rugby Fellow, I’m doing something different, and I’m hopeful for what my own personal change might bring.

Some of the songs I’m currently crushing on:

Come on get higher – Matt Nathanson
Falling slowly – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova (From the movie Once — have you seen it yet? GASP! Go do!!)
Come back to bed – John Mayer
Crush – Dave Matthews Band
When your mind’s made up – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
If you were here – Cary Brothers
Carry you – Dispatch
Always love – Nada Surf
La valse d’Amelie – Yann Tierson (From the movie Amelie!)
In your eyes – Sara Bareilles
Fair – Remy Zero
All my days – Alexi Murdoch (From the movie Away We Go)
There goes the fear – Doves
I and love and you – The Avett Brothers
The one I love – David Gray

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