Why Thursday is my Favorite Day of any Given Week

Why Thursday is my Favorite Day of any Given Week

My favorite day of the week? Thursday! Why is my favorite day, Thursday? Well… here’s why Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

No matter what happens today AKA Thursday, tomorrow is always Friday.

The logic just works!

Forget TGIF — Thursday is so much fun for the anticipation of Friday.


The Wigwam Resort & Spa in West Phoenix hosts Martinis & Manicures each first Thursday of the month. This resort hosts a famed Red Door Spa and on this event the nail technicians set up shop in the bar outside of the Four Diamond Red’s Steakhouse and ladies line up for a combo killer happy hour and mani maven.

Thursday is my favorite day

What makes this M&M better than the rest? Why, my company, of course!

Girlfriends are the bonding agents that make chemical processes in my life happen right.

“Good friends are good for your health” ~ Dr. Irwin Sarason

You know the kind… lots of laughter, head shaking, and the kind of smiling that ultimately makes your cheeks hurt because you’re so thoroughly enjoying the honest and fun company.

The kind of friends who simultaneously cringe and laugh at your revelation (ok, MY revelation) of budding-relationship-killing-comment/antics that have not driven him (AKA Rugby Fellow) away? Yes, those friends. OH! And Martinis. And cheesy lounge singer-dude who sings “Cream” with synthesized back up. Who also covers Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” with a Louis raspy-ness that is almost an SNL parody but not nearly as funny because he actually is trying to perform a sincere cover. And creme brulee… oh my heaven, the creme brulee! I say heaven because as tempting as the Devil may be, he can’t come up with anything as perfect as perfectly crystalized yet creamy creme brulee.


Thursday is my favorite day

Need I say anything more?

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