Eat This!!

Eat This!!

One of my favorite weeks of the entire year — even more so than the week that I declare for my birthday — is here! YUP! For a totally food motivated girl, this is way better than that super week that holds Christmas, my birthday, and New Year’s Eve all in the same seven day stretch!

Arizona Restaurant Week 2010 is here as of yesterday!!!!  For another seven glorious, gluttonous days, I have pretty pickings of some delicious eateries.

Some of my favorite Picks?


(Don’t even get me started on the wine list, or the knee bending antipasti, the homemade pasta, delectable piccatas, or meatballs so large that I could use one as a lounge chair in my living room — the zabaglione has my heart, forever and forever, I will be true!)

…never mind the fact that it’s also walking distance for whenever I overindulge in the fantastic Italian reds — the Lagone is my personal favorite.

Atlas Bistro — that is if I can even get a reservation! (Remember to BYOB!!)

Cheuvront — any place that has a cheese list this expansive has a straight beeline highway right into my palate’s heart!

Coup des Tartes — another delightful neighborhood haunt. Another BYOB, the humble exterior betrays the just totally beyond foodie experience you will have — and if you have a soft spot for beautiful desserts that taste even better than they look and have already decided the Top Chef Just Desserts has trumped The Real Housewives of Atlanta as your favorite tv show of all time….. Yeah, you know you want to go now!

El Chorro Lodge — is cuter than ever, now with it’s makeover! Those sticky buns can stick to MY buns for the rest of my 30’s for all I care, they are sooooooooo, soooooooooo, SOOOOOOOOOOOO… YUM.

But, oh! There are so many on this list, there are just not enough days or dollars in my budget for me to feast my fat little belly on all these deals!!!! And I’m only at the C’s on the list!

My big spend last year was at Vincent’s and I still dream about the duck confit….

Maybe I’ll get lucky and finally score seats inside Lon’s — this is one valley treat I haven’t yet had and I have a feeling….. Or, beg and beg and beg for a reservation to finally (FINALLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY) take part in the new food revolution at Posh? Who isn’t just the littlest bit curious about “Improvisational Cuisine?” Well, curiosity may kill cats, but not Jennifer!

What could kill me is the overeating. I already have an image of myself expanding as rapidly as that spoiled little girl who turned into a giant blueberry — except I probably wouldn’t turn blue….

Oh well, anything to keep my tired mind off of the final two weeks I have in Quantitative Statistics… let’s put it this way. Four classmates (who I thought were waaay smarter than me in class) have announced they’re dropping out of this course to retake another time because it is so hard. Two more weeks. 15 days, to be exact.

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