Gaga for Ganesha!

Gaga for Ganesha!

I absolutely love Ganesh. Now, you are fair to ask the question about how on Earth can a really committed Catholic girl be enchanted with a pudgy hindu deiti? And the question is totally fair, and I can’t give you the answer. But I flip my heels over my bangs whenever I see this funky little fellow.

Maybe it’s because I’m an inveterate optimist, who despite, at times, squealing like the little pig whose house was built of straw, I look (very hard) to find the silver in my clouds’ lining. And I believe in the power of persuasion, particularly on one’s self. Especially for accountability, ownership, and empowering of myself. And so, for insurance, fat, funky, Ganesh! Seeing this guy just makes me happy, and the legends attributed to him uplift my moods.

Whether at a hippie commune in Connecticut or at a new age mystical shop in Sedona, or hanging on a clothing rack screen printed on tee shirts and tank tops (or embroidered on a pant leg) at a yoga studio, I’ll bend over backwards and stand on my head to get my little paws of Ganesh swag. 🙂

The fact that I’m super smitten with pachyderms totally helps, too! And so I think of jolly Ganesh when perplexed with a puzzle… because he is, after all, the remover of obstacles… and the lord of learning.

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