A Caged Bird to Sing the Blues Away

A Caged Bird to Sing the Blues Away

It’s no secret for my friends that I’ve been singing some of the blues lately. Fortunately for me, I do recognize that I’m truly among the luckiest girls in the world to have such an overwhelming array of beautiful and compassionate friends who care enough about me to listen to my woes.

And, although I swore off sad-shopping several years ago, and the absence of a dual-income eliminated revenge shopping, I do sometimes seek out that pick-me-up.

And I look forward to my weekly mailbox check soon to see this lovely little heart lifter I just procured from lunashine on Etsy!

Does tangible, material, consumerist happiness get any more adorable than this????

And, of course, because I’m the food girl, I made myself a pot of the powder-variety macaroni and cheese. But —– it was the Whole Foods brand, so does that make it less pathetically binge-y?

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