What’s Not to Love | A Simple Day in December in Phoenix

What’s Not to Love | A Simple Day in December in Phoenix

What’s not to love?

It’s not a White Christmas, no. But I am sure am loving this beautiful day in December in Phoenix. But — yesterday and today, as I scooted up and down a mountain and drove around town with Chloe by my side, I reflected on the past year and remembered why I live here and tolerate the blistering, 116 degree, July days….

I’m like a reverse hermit. Despite my willingness to hike outside in the summer, I’m not much of an early bird. Which means I generally grimace and sweat furiously in the scorching sun. Any day in December in Phoenix you can find me among any of the Central Phoenix trails. It’s definitely my happy place. A hiking trail, that is. Well, one of them!

A SImple Day in December in Phoenix 

72 degrees and sunny, without a cloud in the sky means short sleeved tees and giving Chloe as much wind in her hair that she can handle. I think it’s possible Phoenix has among the best December days anyone can find in the U.S. Certainly I have a bias, but as many winter migrants as we have escaping colder winters for our sunshine means I might not be too wrong!

What are your favorite December rituals during these too-short and oh so lovely days?

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