PhD Statistics Anxiety and Night at the Roxbury

PhD Statistics Anxiety and Night at the Roxbury

My final letter grade hasn’t posted. That should post tonight. My full assignments have been graded in their complete entirety… and I earned 94.7 % of the total points possible. How I survived and made it through the required PhD statistics courses I will never know.

OK! Here’s the nausea and excitement.

Excitement because I never, ever, NEVER have to take another statistics course again… Nausea because I don’t know if my letter grade will be rounded down to a 94%, which is an A-, or rounded up to a 95%, which is an A.

Weeeee shall seeee….

On a totally random display of the scattered bright and shininess of my ability to be distracted, I was also just youtubing a clip of the trailer to Night at the Roxbury for my (under 16) cousin , who I’m sure I harassed and was completely obnoxious to this entire weekend. The fella didn’t even know what Night at the Roxbury was, and even though my cousin, Steph, and I tried to demonstrate the “What is Love” headbopping, he just didn’t get it…  He just stood there, dumbfounded, trying to figure out what his two older cousins were doing.  Poor guy just didn’t get it.


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