Stay or Leave

Dave and Tim are performing in Vegas this weekend. Two friends are going to watch each of the shows – proper Dave fans who make me pale, pasty, Casper white in comparison. And as I land in a city renowned for it’s music scene, I think about Dave. Am I Goldilocks or what?? And 2011, and I wonder, how in the universe, will I find a way to satiate my Dave fix without his tour!?!?!
Well, while my friends soak in rich Daveness, I’m sure I’ll find something to soothe my little ears as I pedal the vintage Schwinn up Congress Ave., over the bridge (bats are in Mexico already), and check out what’s new in the Austin scene. Gosh, I love this town!!!
As I skipped through the shuffle setting on my “DAVE” playlist in my iPod, I scooted through, and stopped to hear the entirety of some of these. But I love his nine-minute intros and off-the album recording versions of his live shows that are just the best, most inspired, rambunctious jam sessions. He just plays and plays and plays – and I can’t get enough of his ten-minute versions of Two Step.
Let’s Celebrate~ because, life really is short but sweet, certainly.

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