A Rockin’ Recovery

A Rockin’ Recovery

For my personal recovery day, I took myself to the Deer Valley Rock Art Center.

I haven’t ever been, have wanted to go for a while, and figured I would not be able to convince that many people to come with me on another day that threatened to reach triple digits……….. I thought that the weather forecast was April Fool’s-ing me with the 100 degree forecast. Nope, it has officially reached roasting temps here in the Valley of the Sun. Aiyeeeeee! This means that summer is going to royally suck.

 But, back to the rock art, it actually rocks (ha-ha, bad joke, I know). Seriously, though, this place was beautiful! And (because of the heat, I presume) it was quiet — I had the entire place to myself and could hear the birds and the bugs and the breeze. It was such a lovely little excursion!

 Most of the nearly 1600 petroglyphs are very faint and difficult to discern from your first glance, but if you’re patient, they start to appear.

I thought of those horrible hidden-image art posters that nearly everyone had in the 1990’s – of which, to this day, I still can’t find the hidden image. And, just in case it is a really big joke, I refuse to say “I see it!” just in case the whole hidden image is a scam – I may be unable to release my consciousness enough to see the image, but I won’t make myself a liar for it.

And so, that was part of my personal party… to be patient, to see what I could see, and think about the stories these images of deer, snakes, spirals, antelope, and other etchings meant to the Hohokam and other tribes passing through the valley 1500 years ago and more….

And thought of my own story, and what I leave behind me, to tell others about the woman I am, who I represent myself to be, and what I want to contribute to others today and for tomorrow. Yes, you know I’m going to pontificate… at some point, in each of my posts, that’s what I do!

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