Fairytales and Bad Manicures

Fairytales and Bad Manicures

Were Hans Christian Andersen alive, he would be 106 today. How many other fairy tales could he have created in that time? His writings about a displaced cygnet, a girl born from a tulip, a mermaid who – it can be argued – had bad luck with the fellas, and a tin soldier who endures a whole lot of grief only to not get the girl in the end. Andersen’s stories address angst, hopefulness, and desires for connecting with another “person” (term used very loosely here, considering his protagonists)!

I have largely given up on the idea of a fairy tale, unless there is a story about the girl who picks herself up, dusts herself off, and climbs on top of her own darn horse to ride out to form her destiny. When you find that fairy tale, please let me know. I’m very curious to see how this story goes. Oh, yes, it also involves her kissing frogs, dating trolls, breaking up with ogres, and picking through so many baskets of bad apples. Maybe, though, it might also include a chapter not yet seen involving a certain lawyer with two mignons and a mid-century maison who thinks this girl is somewhat… plucky… and will let her ride her horse and seek her own dragons to fight… because he accepts that’s what she needs to be herself? How would Andersen write that chapter? And what, exactly, would he make for that ending?

And, how did I get to thinking about Andersen? And fairy tales? Nailpolish. That’s right…

To give you the briefest backstory, I think I should have gone to San Francisco this weekend instead of last weekend, because this week put me through battle. I left every single day feeling as if I had been in a war. And I stumbled out of work on Friday, dazed, confused, and just thoroughly shredded. The two margaritas at Padre’s were — PERFECT — as was the shrimp burrito I inhaled (literally inhaled, and gasped when I realized I ate more than half of this monstrous beast of a dish – yes, it was definitely stress eating). And so…

I gave myself a personal recovery day today. The ancient rock art, my new JCrew-coupon-purchased sun dress, and my paint samples from Restoration Hardware were all topped off with the most delightful rose — and there is no better way I can think of trying to stay cool on a shaded bistro  (My goodness, I just adore Zinc Bistro!!) patio table than a perfect spinach salad with a chilled glass of French rose…. When I realized, standing in lines at the Barnes and Noble while waiting to purchase my Miami travel guide book (less than two weeks away, and I am forgetting about last night’s burrito – I have the Master Cleanse that I will resume… Monday!) I knew I was going to miss my 2:00 flow class and would therefore miss that opportunity to find some peace, balance, and gratitude rather than the angstiness filling me inside from my toxic work week, I thought a glass of really kicking wine could bring me some peace. Yes, oh yes, it was, in a word, dazzling!

And following my heavenly late lunch, I decided to swing by my neighborhood token Asian nail shop for a cheap, cheap mani-pedi. Hence, my inspiration for thinking of The Little Mermaid and friends. I was drawn to the totally inappropriate, not demure, “Catch Me in Your Net.” If I could imagine The Little Mermaid’s tail, it would be this color. And I went with a pretty, pale Essie shade for my hands, which is a darn good thing, because my right thumb (thinking of Thumbelina) is really just totally crooked, and I gave up, with the language barrier, trying to correct her for every nail shape. Fact is, I did not book an advance appointment to see Raisa at The Red Door and the other fact is, I got the mani-pedi combo for the price of a manicure from Raisa. So, I will stop my whining. And enjoy my new, little, dress; and think about what sandals I can wear with my new, little, dress that shows off my glittery toes.

Oh, and stare at my flowers I acquired form the super sensational Junior League of Phoenix’s Valley Impact Luncheon on Thursday! I didn’t get to hear our keynote speaker because I was the finance team’s runner girl, shuttling receipts and invoices back and forth to the auction bidders, but I was able to secure these beauties (and some heavenly macarons)!

However, I must admit, with the heat index having rapidly risen as it did, my tulips and lilacs are not too happy with me, and the tulips have already opened and started to fall. But, they will remain pretty until the end!

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