So… the Weather…

So… the Weather…

Last weekend, in San Francisco, I happily donned my trench coat and whirled my umbrella, and although I didn’t think to at the time, looking back now, I should have been singing in that rain!

It was a whopping 95 degrees today, according to the info display in Stupid Scandinavian Car. A black rag top with black leather seats equals a very (cough) “warm” car on a hot day. In between cursing the heat and avoiding melting, I happened to receive a text from my sweet, little (AKA younger) cousin, advising me of snowfall expected in Massachusetts.

Because I’m not quite (not quite) ready for this upcoming Phoenix summer, I decided to reminisce on a recent snowfall in Massachusetts, and think myself cool. I believe the irony is last night, at dinner, I was bragging that I had not yet turned on my AC… today, the AC was switched to “on!”

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