Anthems and Pre-Date Rituals

Anthems and Pre-Date Rituals

I’m the friendly freak who mails my friends mixed cds. Music is *everything beautiful* to me. It’s visceral. And so, as I prepare, on the eve of another date, I share with you my pre-date weapon… My anthems and pre-date rituals. Cue the music!


This is such a crummy, crummy, pansy version of the song (this video at least) because justice is not served to the ENERGY that comes pulsing at me at about… 1:42 into the song. I play this particular athem before any date I think is significant. It amps me up, and not because of anything in particular with the lyrics. I love the music and his voice. Actually, the lyrics are kind of the opposite of hopeful so don’t look for any subliminal messaging.

I’ll play it several times, and I dance, probably half-dressed in my kimono robe and teeny shorts, AKA my home alone uniform. Messy me, anything I wear applying my makeup will probably get all powdery, or I dribble toothpaste down the front or whatever disaster would happen to the date outfit.

I’ll dance around my condo at least two times before my lipstick is even on or before I have shined the silicon serum on my hair. It’s my anthem. I think its everything that pulses in me following… 1:42.

Anthems and Pre-Date Rituals

And so, as I prepare for Date Two following the blind date I didn’t want to go on… which, oh yeah, lasted 15 1/2 hours… I’ll have to give this one credit. Nice guys do not always come in last.

Where, exactly, this date goes, I don’t know. All I know, is I have a broken rose quartz mala bead which is supposed to mean a change in karma.

To dating! What are your pre date anthems or rituals?

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