Some Like it Palm SpPrings Hot

Some Like it Palm SpPrings Hot

Some like it hot, so quipped Tony Curtis’s “Junior” to Marilyn Monroe’s Sugar. Well, I like it hot. Temperature, that is.

I’m getting ready for a brief break of my norm. Although I usually dash away to my big neighbor next door  to escape the summer heat here in Phoenix by bathing oceanside, I’ll be driving Stupid Scandinavian Car a “brief” three and a half hour drive west to La Quinta. The Mojave desert is as near perfect a pool party spot and I’ll be heading to a pool party and some more sun of the same extreme brand as I can get here in Phoenix, but with a different view. Oh, and the greatest kind of hosting company who comes with many laughs and a professional ability to play the turntables.

I suspect I’ll be breezing past 29 Palms and winding down my windshield time right in time for Saturday brunch. But, after brunch and yet before dinner, lots and lots of SPF!

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