Me? Over the Top?

Me? Over the Top?

As a child aware of myself in the 80’s I am amazingly familiar with Sylvester Stallone movies. In fact, my team’s unofficial moniker is a blend of Rambo + my last name. I ran up the “Rocky Steps” on a broken foot. I may be… mildly obsessed with (sometimes badly) iconic Sly Stallone films.

And, yet, I forgot about this overlooked gem of a Sly Stallone film, Over the Top, until a work friend compared a gutsy, direct, bold, and slightly bitchy move I made as a response to… something… someone who has that innate ability to… affect me… did that triggered a direct, bold, and slightly bitchy response. (pick, pick, pick, pick, pick, pick, pick, pick, pick, pick… BITE!) If I were a sports fish such as marlin or mahi mahi, I would so be somebody’s dinner.

As she stared at me, mouth agape, in mild shock, some horror, and admiration as I recounted the story for her, she likened my action to Lincoln Hawk’s signature move of wrapping his fingers… over the top of his opponent’s hands before slamming down and dominating the arm wrestle match. She had a nice demo, and flexing her lithe, little arms was a fantastic comparison to beefy-trucker, Hawk. GRRRR!!!! Right, I know… only in the 80’s… but then again, both the decade, the film, Sly, and my gutsy, direct, bold, and slightly bitchy – minimally bitchy – moves are all “only” a little Over the Top.Which is somewhat fitting, considering she informed me earlier this week that I occasionally have the ability to scare the pants off her, and this was before I found myself set off from reacting to someone else’s total hubris and plain old inept stupidity. I guess, sometimes we have to brace ourselves and take a matter into our own hands (bada bing… okay, not really. I may be the only one laughing at my bad jokes tonight).

Too bad the “Whomever Perpetrator” couldn’t Meet Me Halfway (gosh, I just adore all the Kenny Loggins’ 80’s films soundtracks). Sorry, friends, for the very bad puns… I’m in a super cheesy mode tonight, which is far better than the stressed-survival-mode I was in earlier in this week. I guess great highlights and a blow out, great wine, great music, and great company on a Friday eve can put the mellow in the yellow-haired lady.

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