If every person likes me (sorry, Sally Field), and really likes what I’m doing, then I clearly (CLEARLY) have not pushed the envelope of my capabilities far enough, and I haven’t taken myself far enough to do what I can do.
I sort of sweated some not wonderful things that an employee of mine disclosed that she/he (? – I shall not divulge) thought of my ability to manage. More specifically, my “people skills.” Then I realized, I will definitely retain my humility in saying this, but I have a history of, although far from perfect as a manager, being a very authentic and sincere manager, with a record of success. And, when I look, very critically, at this particular situation, what I have is an employee struggling with change management and who presently lacks a reflective ability to consider one’s ownership of the experiences we create for ourselves professionally, which happens to even the best of us, and so frustrations are projected onto me right now, and we will work through this (because I can handle it, I have dealt with for more taxing….). And, as much as I will work to help this employee come to find a better state of mind about his/her (? – I shall not divulge) working dynamic and environment, I cannot please everyone, and as long as I can look at myself and honestly reflect on my opportunities and acknowledge my strengths, and am not too prideful to ask for help or admit when I could do something better, all in all, at the end of the day, maybe not every day, but the overall end all/be all, I’ll be okay… and so will anyone else who has to work subordinate to me.

Do you love, love the decor of this delicious and warm spot, like I love?
The Lost Leaf, my friends, my dears… The Lost Leaf

Where I bitched and moaned over a Peroni while a super star I know sipped a “grassy” (he laughs at my description of pale ales), hoppy brew and listened to my mania… I believe I am lucky he thinks I’m (a) funny, and (b) cute. That’s the only reason I think he puts up with receiving random clips of Pee Wee Herman and Killer Clowns from Outer Space to his email box at all hours of the night. Hahahahahaha!

 I cannot explain why there is a pumpkin head scarecrow next to an incandescent street lamp in August, other than… 
Welcome to Downtown Phoenix!
More specifically, welcome to Roosevelt Row!

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