Sigh… Savasana

Sigh… Savasana

What’s better than my first class returning to my mat and practice after a lazy-no-decent-reason-of-abandoning-my-vinyasa multi-week hooky session? The second night in a row returning to my practice and finding myself back at home on my mat. Anton helped me set up a new arm balance for me to work on, so that was fun, what with my little hovering in a new form of flying. And even better than yummy adjustments that Anton showed me how to take a deep twist in pigeon that I never did before and realize that asana in a totally different way, or returning to his signature flow series that he challenges us to do, eyes closed and following our own breaths, or flipping into multiple “Wild thing”s in an early heat building flow sequence he introduced after I initiated my-no-good-reason-to-abandon-a-practice-I-love-and-believe-makes-me-a-nicer-person-yoga hooky phase is… savasana.

Ohhhhh, for the love everything that is Om, it feels so good to return to my mat, my Om, and savor that beautiful pose… savasana.

Okay, and one more little gripe — hey, I’m almost an angry little elf today. The scale at my doctor’s office informed me that I’m precisely five pounds heavier than I thought myself to be, and then the scale at the studio last night said I was precisely where I thought myself to be. Then, the scale told me tonight that I’m two pounds heavier than I thought myself to be… and I also learned between yesterday and tonight’s pre/post-weighs before and after practice that I lose at least a full pound of water in an 80 minute sequence? Chug chug on the water when practicing, mon amies.

I practiced bikram and hot hatha variations for eight years before checking out vinyasa and ashtanga practices. I’m by no means the advanced student holding a solid king dancer or rocking the inversions, in fact I believe I have an inversion to aversions, errrrr inversion aversion, or aversion to inversions… you get my drift… and I know I need to get over myself one of these days and kick up into the fricking handstand already… maybe 2012.


And besides, from what I’ve noticed… whichever practice anyone wants to laud, they all end in…

Savasana (aaaaaaah)

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