Painted Desert

Painted Desert
When I was eight years old and my family moved back to the States, we drove from Virginia Beach to Phoenix. Having spent my memorable years in Portugal and Germany, I knew what I thought about moving to “Arizona.” I knew it was a desert, and I saw the Bugs Bunny cartoon, 1001 Rabbit Tales, so I knew what a desert looked like, in my eight year old mind. We drove through the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest. My eight year old self was curious, if still unsure about life in the desert.

In last month’s 1,100 mile road trip to Monument Valley we drove a large loop through the Navajo Nation. During the seven hour (yes, seven hour — Arizona is fricking huuuuuuuuge — and there was about 21 hours of total drive time in a three day span) drive from Phoenix to Canyon de Chelly, we did a tiny detour through the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert, where my friend hadn’t before seen. I never cease to amaze myself when I remember another spot in Arizona I haven’t been to yet — I don’t know if I ever will see it all.

I love that I accidentally captured this random couple in the background of the shot
This storm followed us quite a ways, and finally caught up with us after we left the Hubbell Trading Post.
I had fun trying my new fish eye lens on my camera. Playing with the perspective, I thought I’d explore a different point of view.
Well, although I thought I might have been possibly capturing a shot that I would like to review, I hadn’t thought of what my friend saw from her view.
Oof… So, my posterior has been captured for posterity’s sake.

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