PhD Life | Royal Bangs – To Soothe a Royal Pain

PhD Life | Royal Bangs – To Soothe a Royal Pain

Until I finish “Legal Aspects of Higher Education” (AKA blah blah blah, stab myself in the eyeball with a very sharp object), I don’t have much of anything great or not totally screaming bitchy to say. Enter my new music obsession to soothe a royal pain in my overwhelmed PhD trodden brain.

I discovered this group a couple of weeks ago when I was scoping out We Were Promised Jetpacks at the Crescent Ballroom downtown. Royal Bangs… just might do it for me for a spell.

Royal Bangs soothe a royal pain

I understand why so many people accuse lawyers of selling their souls. I could most likely be very easily bargained to offer up my souls just to understand the frigging case studies and translate for my own understanding what the hell kind of language these clauses and statutes and sections of Amendments and why precedents are precedents. It is a necessary survival function — I’m almost there myself and I’ve only been in it for eight weeks!

In the meantime, I’ll continue to salivate over Royal Bangs. Not only do I love their great baseline and synth, the guys wear those really sexy (in my mind) plaid shirts and baggy jeans, and I really do feel like I could be in Knoxville (their home base) or Austin (where I wish was my home base).


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