PhD Problems | Not a Whale of a Good Time

PhD Problems | Not a Whale of a Good Time

I sat down to grade papers at 9:30 this morning. PhD problems. Hmm… SIX HOURS LATER, procrastination and a mental block preventing me from thinking of anything other than avoidance, I discovered Juno, a beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium. WITH mariachis. He dances.

Would you know, that THE penguins from Mr. Poppers Penguins live at the Mystic Aquarium as well? Why, I did not know that either, until I spent six ridiculous hours brainlessly searching crap online. I could be done grading and working on my own (MUCH NEEDED) research. But, no, I took a lazy-ass pill today, apparently. Ugh! That’s what we call PhD Problems.

PhD Problems

I think I have seen nearly every video of Juno on the Internet by now. And I have not written the writing needed. PhD problems.

And you? What is your most recent sorry not sorry should be ashamed procrastination method?

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