The Year of the Dragon | Courage for Personal Reflection

The Year of the Dragon | Courage for Personal Reflection
The year of the dragon is considered a particularly auspicious year in the Chinese zodiac because the dragon is the only animal represented in the calendar that is mythical. What I have heard is… people born under the sign of the dragon are powerful, go by their own rules, and when left alone – they are usually successful. Dragons, by nature, take risks, are passionate, and driven such that they are not intimidated by challenges. Yet, these same traits can exhaust dragons and leave them feeling unfulfilled. And still, dragons won’t ask for help.
year of the dragon chinese zodiac
On this Chinese New Year, the year of the dragon, I attended another in a series of workshops I signed up for facilitated by a prominent author. One of the discussions tonight was of fulfillment and completion. Or rather, of when we feel lacking in fulfillment or in a state in incompleteness. And how damaging and destructive succumbing to either emotional terrorist can be for us. I remember that Jerry Maguire scene “you complete me… blah blah,” and I was totally suckered into the awesomeness of that scene (and movie – hey, I am a Sun Devil after all, complete with my alumni plates on my car). But, really? Hmm….

Isn’t waiting for fulfillment from another person or source akin to affirming to yourself that you’re not good enough? Like, maybe some day you might be good enough, but right now, as you are, you are most definitely not good enough? It’s kind of like the ultimate sabotage of your worth. And, I can speak from experience. 

So, this Chinese year, I’m going to work on taking a couple of lessons from these colorful and mystical creatures:

  • Be unafraid of the challenges I have ahead of me this year (I already have enough doozies facing me to almost use all the fingers on my right hand).
  • Stop being so obedient and following what I ought to do, should do, have to do. Consider the source of the rules and really examine the ones in place for sound reason and safety.
  • When feeling unfulfilled, find out why. Ask myself some heady and heavy questions before resorting to empty actions to distract me from my disconnection.
  • Trust myself and go my own way – as in the case of the dragons, I may find myself successful.

 Hmm, perhaps my dragon mindedness will see to me to fly my way back to the Bay?


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