I wanted to enjoy the early evening weather in my courtyard. I recently discovered how cozy the roots to the giant ficus tree are for shade lounging. The Spanish fountain seven feet away makes a better ambient sound than any of my Pandora stations. And, matter is, it’ll too soon be too hot to enjoy the pre-sunset air…. I wanted to write a letter of love, a love letter of sorts, to a young woman, almost half my age, who recently passed through a notable young-adult milestone… High school graduation. I vividly remember mine. 

Well, Edie wasn’t as on board with my romantic and winsome ideals. Case in point…. 

We started as this.

Then found ourselves like this. 

And this! 

Then as this…

And this! 

And this.

And now this. 

I am such the sucker. I shudder to think of what Edie’s trainer would have to say; she’s definitely got me wrapped around her dew claws. Oh well… more Chardonnay. The cheap kind, of course. My boyfriends who are willing to spend $$ on the nice variety are currently of the ex-variety. But, because I’m currently single, I can spend all evening snuggling with this little lover! All I have to do is pat her head, rub her belly, and scratch her little bum for her to be happy tonight. That’s much less work than stroking a middle-aged man’s ego.

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