How to be Single | Attempting Opera Date Night

How to be Single | Attempting Opera Date Night
Sometimes it feels like there should be a how to guide to be single. Instructions. But not like Ikea instructions. More like a well-written cookbook recipe. How to be single. How to give yourself an opera date night and not feel intimidated as all hell in trying to do so.
I’ve wanted to see La Boheme ever since I fell in love with Rent 16 or 17 years ago…. Arizona Opera Company has produced a few times over the years, but I never had quite the right date to go with me.
Something about the shit-show that has been the last few relationships and epic-scaled bad dates, I made a choice last year. To stop. Dating. Pretty much entirely.
I’m not counting last Saturday’s dinner with the 25-year old cub a serious contender of a date. And I’m in that personal space where that’s what I need.

It’s hard to be single, especially when you really don’t want to be.

how to be single opera date night my own true north girl on road by herself
Particularly when seeing the relationships of the majority of your friends feels like amplification of your “and guest” status.
As I explained to someone who was trying to understand my rationale, I continuously make bad relationship investments.

I am on the verge of romantic bankruptcy.

Which brings me to: I’m staring at my AZ Opera mailer with The Flying Dutchman, La Boheme, Traviata all of them teasing me. What could I do?

Between double ballet tickets, double symphony season tickets (not that I have “dates” for any of these), I couldn’t budget a season’s worth of two opera tickets.
It’s not exactly the most fun feeling to get dressed up, drive yourself downtown, skip dinner, and go to Symphony Hall by yourself to swim in a sea of couples in their finer wear. But Mimi and Rodolpho, and their love affair in the snow filled night of Paris’s Latin Quarter beckoned me.
But, Mimi’s candle….
Mimi’s damn candle. Burned out, relit, and blown out again….. Sigh. So I did it.

Why shouldn’t I let my candle burn bright even if I’m the only one to see its light?

I bought my own damn ticket. So what if “it” is “again?” I determined I would damned if I let myself miss another experience because I don’t have someone who is going to sit in the seat next to me. Heck, if that were the case, I’d not let myself ever leave my house.
What is a thing you did for yourself, by yourself, because you weren’t content to let the opportunity pass you by?
XO, Jennifer
how to be single rose opera date night my own true north
how to be single opera date night my own true north girl on road by herself

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  1. November 1, 2014 / 9:09 pm

    I will go to any of the above with you! <3

  2. Mirabili Vestium
    January 7, 2015 / 6:43 pm

    Yes, I know what you mean about that sea of couples. But it was the right decision you made, to go. Hey, life is short, and immortal art is one of the things that make it worth living.

    • J Mims
      April 16, 2015 / 8:42 pm


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