The Attack in Charleston is NOT Unthinkable and Yes Black Lives Matter

The Attack in Charleston is NOT Unthinkable and Yes Black Lives Matter
I’ve been unable to find to express my deep sadness at the horrific attack on Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and the disgraceful responses from our leaders and countrymen. In a time when I hear people question the necessity of movements and calls to action such as Black Lives Matter.
Unthinkable, unbelievable, unspeakable… is what I’ve heard and read to describe the (latest) mass slaying.
Those are NOT adjectives anyone should apply toward describing this terrorist attack. 
This is one more attack of terrorism in our country (I love America and consider myself a patriot) and against our country. 
We the People. 
It IS thinkable, believable, and speakable, because violent atrocities have been committed against black men, women, babies, children, communities, and churches for hundreds of years. 
Don’t ask how are we back at this place, for we, as a country and a people, never made “America” a place where black lives matter as much as white lives. If you don’t believe me, then go travel, around the country and outside this country, and see how our racial divide is observed and judged by other nationalities. 
WE THE PEOPLE need stop our own busy-ness and our personally-centric scope of our lives and our “worlds” to speak up and demand a change in how our elected and appointed leadership protect all our people, provide to all our people, support all our people, and for every one of We, The People, speak out and hold each other accountable to demanding and working, ourselves, to break the pervasive paradigm of belief that speakable, thinkable, believable violence against Black Americans happens for the reason of, no matter how much we delude ourselves, we never brought America to be the place where skin color doesn’t determine the worth of life. 
Black Lives Matter

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