What is Up With the Attack on Basic?

What is Up With the Attack on Basic?

I discovered For the Foxes in a rather “basic” way (Pandora’s BORNS station), but I am, basically,”basic,” so I guess that’s rather alright. It’s a sweet song, a really sweet song, actually, and while not possessing any depth of lyricism or melody, it endears to me. Perhaps it appeals to a “basic” crowd. I really don’t even know why it’s considered a bad thing, anyway, to be “basic,” and why the need for the attack on basic.

I am aware the term is intended to be an insult, but by whom, and what is so offensive to this particular snarky crew?

There’s a punchy competitiveness – and not relegated to females – I occasionally hear the condescending bros for men, too – and pressure to be unique and individualistic.

I want authentic. Far more than originality, I value someone who is willing to be themself. When considering how much energy I’ve invested in judging other people, I wonder what disservices I’ve done my own development and wellness.

Whether one wants to wear pink on Wednesdays, fly their freak flag, or bust out the buffalo check blouse, what I think we need more of is people encouraging each other to just do. You do you. And if that includes doing it for the ‘gram and posting pictures of PSL (I just can’t go there when autumn days are still in triple digit temps), so let it be!

In fact, we need much, much more of enthusiastically pursuing our best selves and worrying a lot less about what the woman next to us is doodling in her notebook or drinking in her coffee cup. That energy being spent toward petty criticism can be channeled toward some awesome creativity and production.

See you tomorrow!



My Own True North - The Attack on Basic


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