Halo – LP (Cover) | I’m Listening to…

Halo – LP (Cover) | I’m Listening to…

Full disclosure: I found LP thanks to a bank card commercial featuring a trad female rock climber years ago. I’m happy to consider myself a fan girl ever since. I think I like her cover of Beyonce’s Halo even more than the original. Which, to me, means a lot because Beyonce’s track was… resplendent. No disrespect to everyone’s favorite Queen B the Halo LP cover is kind of the bee’s knees, to me.

LP Halo Cover

I’m finally deviating from my The O.C. marathon stream session (seriously, Summer & Seth don’t stop being the most adorable love birds) and showing some movement at my desk formerly known as the kitchen breakfast nook.

Aah, yes, that dang dissertation. I hate it. Bain of my existence. I once argued I am not a masochist, but the more I remain in my dissertation research, I am not so steadfast in my prior beliefs.

I lost my religion a while ago, but would get down on my knees for three more interviews this week. My dissertation data collection is as wrought with obstacles and folly as the darn proposal. The tears started drying up, which means my pity party is winding down. This time.

Jackalope, is supposed to be close to completion, but I have as much confidence in that likelihood as I do of Jackalopes existing in the wild. Hence, the namesake.

Suffice to say, I am having major fangirl moments over LP and her new album. It’s on repeat. Over and over and over. Jackalope and I, however, we aren’t the best of friends but cannot seem to stay away from each other. Until I can claim that to be complete, I’ll continue to find comfort in my music. Whether the Hamilton musical soundtrack, the score to Swan Lake, Lila Downs, or a random Spotify playlist, music is my milk.

Who are you listening to for some extra oomph?

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