Something Pretty – Patrick Park | I’m Listening to…

Something Pretty – Patrick Park | I’m Listening to…

It’s warm, here. Like, really warm. Although we are not yet in midsummer, technically, by way of honoring the solstice, Phoenix is in the middle of a scorcher. So I’m in the mood for something pretty. Patrick Park’s song gives that to me today while I sit uncomfortably in my seat and review my interview transcriptions. The precision required for data collection and analysis for this stupid dissertation is frustratingly impressive.

I still have bruises up along my left side of my body and scabs across most of my right side from the fall at Navajo Falls. Nearly the entirety of my right thigh is an awesome shade of purple where there is still skin to even see. Three weeks later, healing is healing, but taking its time in doing so.

Damsel in distress is not a good look on me.

But, I couldn’t even protest. I needed the help. Stuck in water current was too strong for me to pull myself out, I had no option but to call for help. I couldn’t reach my foot to release the strap of my water shoe which was effectively “locking” me in between two rocks with my head barely above the rushing water.

Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

From the shore, it looked like I was drowning, which was terrifying for my friends to see. I would not have been able to get myself out on my own, but I knew I was not in immediate or pressing danger.

Something Pretty Havasupai

In addition to losing my shoe, most of my body looked like a micro plane or cheese grater had been run over me. Hiking for the duration of our Havasupai camping trip was going to be less than pleasant. In fact, pretty much everything I did carried a ridiculous amount of pain! Oh but these are some of the battle scars and stories we live to tell in our futures.

Even with all the pain during and after, if I had to place a value on Havasupai, I’ll say “damn worth it!”

What is one of your worth the trouble treasures?


Something Pretty Mooney Falls in the Grand Canyon

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