Awaken and Uplift Your Mind

Awaken and Uplift Your Mind

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”~ Henry Miller

One of my yoga teachers, Dave, spoke about awakening and uplifting the mind from the body. Or something very similar. It’s hard for me to listen to every single word when I’m wrapping, binding, and then positioning myself to stand in the bird of paradise posture all without toppling or crying. But I’m not supposed to listen and stay up in my head space. Inversions, well, I need to uplift my mind from my body, for sure, because the head trip that is flipping my feet over my head…. Yikes! The very purpose of my yoga practice is to help me find that state where I can awaken and uplift my mind, my heart, and my body, and connect them.

Matthew Kane photographing yoga session on the beach : Shirshasana

What this means to me is a reminder to get out of our heads. To dial in, turn in, and develop awareness of the extraordinary wonders in completely ordinary moments. How many times have you driven yourself to work and not remembered the drive? How many times have you paused during an that early morning commute, or the late drive home, and took a silent moment to quietly remark on the orange hue of that sunrise or sunset? Finding something beautiful and extraordinary in a routine motion.

We can live numbly and in a semi-conscious state concerning ourselves over ironing, IRA and 401K growth, shrinking the AMEX bill, or what stupid thing said in front of 100 coworkers in a meeting weeks ago. Ok, those may be some of my obsessions, but I know I’m not the only one.

We can stop the distraction of guilt for having all of that dessert or the extra pint of beer had during laugh out loud happy hours with friends. Or the nagging interrupted attentiveness of wondering about the creep who didn’t call. Or of the one who won’t stop calling, et cetera et cetera, blah-da-da-blah-da-da-blah.

The possibilities of berating and bemoaning the things that are not right are unending, if we let them. And when we let them, we become distracted and lose presence.

By being present in each day of life, I’m probably going to – you’re probably going to – come out a winner on top anyway. So, Dave gave the reminder, that I’m passing on to you, to stop hitting the figurative snooze button on our wake up alarms and be awaken, every day.

Vivo — “alive”
Sveglio — “awake”

Awaken to moments of merriment, delight, and discovery. To be awake = breaking down indifference that leads to taking life for granted and missing chances to realize and savor life’s best moments.

Matthew Kane photographing yoga session on the beach : Hanumasana

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE: moments of elation, a fulfilling happiness, the ability to appreciate our reality and acknowledge the gifts we have in our very own lives.  Sight lines to see small miracles and wonders everywhere. YOU SHOULD NOT CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN IF: happiness sustains for hours, days, or even longer periods at a time.

Let’s hear from you! What are the ordinaries you fret  about that you want to put away to make space for extraordinary moments? Comment below and let us know?


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    • July 8, 2017 / 2:09 pm

      I also love finding inspirational spaces in which to practice! 🙂

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