Man Crush Monday | George Bernard Shaw

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. George Bernard Shaw

I could be feeling shivers and chills from my cold shower earlier this evening or from stumbling along this quote from George Bernard Shaw. No funny business or jokes, I know how that first sentence reads, ladies! My Spanish is so devolved I couldn’t flirt if I even wanted to! There’s simply no hot water in my apartment… which is an improvement from the No water situation in my apartment over the weekend. As my Spanish teacher said during this afternoon’s one on one session, “bienvenidos a Oaxaca!” Water outages in the city are a known and continuing issue. George Bernard Shaw on the other hand…. the sapio and literature swooner in me loves this Nobel Prize winner.

I first discovered Shaw as a young girl thanks to Audrey Hepburn’s beautiful and spellbinding Eliza Doolittle. I became critically involved with his work during one of my final years in undergraduate theater studies. Major Barbara. Ok, now politically… eeeeeyeah no agreement there! He admired Stalin and Mussolini for crying out loud but there is no denying his sharp satire and ability to capture and explain the human and social experience. As I observe social and political goings on and the actions and orders go so far beyond the pale I can’t fathom what comes next, I came across this particular line from Shaw and wonder what Shavian observations would he have to describe the course of current history.

There are some things that even a Oaxacan hot chocolate can’t totally soothe away, and apparently, even a hot shower steam is out of the question, too. It’s a trade off. Stay sane out there!

Who is your #MCM?

XO, Jennifer

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