Five Great Movies to Inspire Solo Travel

Five Great Movies to Inspire Solo Travel

Summer is in full swing and what if the heat has you clamoring to take a great escape? Whether seeking inspiration for your next vacation destination, wanting a sojourn in your mind, or craving a nudge to buy the ticket you’ve been dreaming of, here are some great movies to inspire solo travel and feed that ever loving wanderlust in you. 

Grab some popcorn and fuzzy socks and wine, and settle in for a movie night in the comfort of AC as respite from the summer heat. Find your personal ticket to a next adventure. From trekking trips to jet setting around the world, these films feature women who bring their passions with passports. These ladies knew how to go their own ways.

Under the Tuscan Sun | Starring Diane Lane

Following a divorce from her husband who left her for the woman he was having an affair with, Frances Mayes makes an impulsive purchase to beat all… a rundown villa in Tuscany. This film is as delightful and hopeful as the cinematography is beautiful. Now, where can I find some limoncello, bella? 

Tracks | Starring Mia Wasikowska

Another adaptation of a memoir, this captivating film follows Robyn Davidson’s nine month journey as she treks across Australia. The movie is vivid, breathtaking, and incredibly gorgeous. You may find yourself researching the Outback after this one! This is one of those movies that you feel so hard, the lump in your throat will burn before your eyes get watery.  Seriously, so good….

Wild | Starring Reese Witherspoon

Okay, yes, another memoir adaptation. Cheryl Strayed, of the Dear Sugar series, book, and podcast, authored her heartbreaking story of the intense interventions she created for herself to heal from the trauma of her mother’s death. Determined to heal herself, Strayed set forth on an epic solo thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Reese brings you into Strayed’s downward spiral of self destruction and triumph in her personal salvation. And don’t forget about the impeccable cinematography capturing the scenery along the stretch of the PCT. G-G-G-G-Gorgeous!

Also, one of my favorite books… I highly recommend this as a read. Perhaps some inflight reading?

Eat, Pray, Love | Starring Julia Roberts

The memoir touched the hearts of millions of women. Elizabeth Gilbert’s personal quest to reconnect with her true self, a self she lost in being the roles she took on in how she believed she needed to be with the people in her life. Spending a year in Italy, India, and Indonesia (Bali), Gilbert discovers the joy of living and power of self love. The story resonates with many people who can relate to seeking self discovery and finding our personal compasses.

Out of Africa | Starring Meryl Streep

Karen Blixen is a Danish baroness who traveled to colonial-era Kenya to work the plantation she owned with her husband. This is a story of Blixen asserting her independence in a foreign land and culture, managing a plantation by trial and error, and coming into her own as a powerful force for her own advocacy and experiences. To watch this film is to see Streep in what I think is her best, and – hello – Robert Redford. Together! “I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills….” So starts the film narration. If you want more, watch it. Also, the book was incredible, too.

It’s no coincidence the five films I selected here are all based on true stories of women striking out to live their lives by their designs, and ultimately, literally, write their own stories. For each film listed here, I have also read the book, and they are all worthy of space in your schedule and on your bookshelf.

I think there’s something incredibly powerful about choosing to be deliberate and then having the ability to share your story with a meaningful impact and value to others.

movies to inspire solo travel

Have you traveled solo or are planning a maiden voyage anytime soon? 

movies to inspire solo travel

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