Favorite Thanksgiving Movies to Watch this Weekend

Favorite Thanksgiving Movies to Watch this Weekend

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I have a confession to make. But don’t tell my mom…. I *LOVE* hosting Thanksgiving! Menu planning for days and Pinterest prepping the perfect bougie table centerpiece gets me more giddy than ultra shoppers preparing for their Black Friday hunts. Girlfriend, over here, looooves her fancy tablescapes…. After the Thanksgiving meal has been packed away and all that remains is leftover punch (yes, I love boozy punch, too), what’s left to do is pull up the hair, slip on fuzzy socks, and begin the marathon of my favorite Thanksgiving movies.

I’m a holdout. No Christmas tunes will be welcome in my presence until AFTER Thanksgiving. While one is unlikely to find me anywhere near a casserole with marshmallows or fried onions, where I can be found is partaking in serious movie marathoning this chilly Thanksgiving weekend. Of course, I mean after the Christmas decorations are up!

Plains, Trains and Automobiles

Steve Martin. John Candy. Schedenfreude. For anyone who has every survived Thanksgiving travel hell… You’re welcome! I giggle like a fool every time I see this movie. Every. Time! That car rental scene…..

Home for the Holidays

What an underrated movie!!! Holly Hunter, Robert Downy, Jr., and Anne Bancroft. Oh my! If you haven’t seen this one, my recommendation is to skip the dinner roles, pass on the potatoes, and go straight for this delicious treat, instead!

Pieces of April

April (Katie Holmes) tries to build a Thanksgiving holiday for her estranged family and must rely on the help and grace of her East Village neighbors. This may not be one of the better known holiday films but it is as lovely as can be.

The House of Yes

Parker Posey. All the Yes! Thanksgiving is known to bring up many family dysfunctions to the surface.

You’ve Got Mail

One of my favorite films, ever, and it has not one but TWO Thanksgivings! And a second film in my list to feature Parker Posey! I think my favorite character is the circa-1998 AOL dial up. Oh, my gosh, I love this movie so darn much. Soooo freeging much!

Not because it’s Thanksgiving related but… The Big Lebowski

This marathon submission is NOT Thanksgiving related but one of my best Thanksgiving memories includes good friends, deep Tryptophan saturation, many beagles (and one tiny white scnhauzer), mega meal comas, and a home made drinking game with the signature drink of The Dude. Take note: there are many calls for “Caucasians” in the film. Rather than the film being Thanksgiving focused, I have one of my best Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving memories every time I watch it. Although, I must admit to being slightly overexposed to White Russians, now!

My conflicted movie inclusion or omission… Hannah and Her Sisters

I’m incredibly torn on this one. I… LOVE… Woody Allen films. I think he is despicable. No matter how much I go “bananas” for Annie Hall, Manhattan, Midnight in Paris, Vicky Christina Barcelona, and yes, Hannah and Her Sisters, I can’t help myself but to remember and be aware that the film I’m watching and love so much was made by a man who did things that are detestable.

What are you looking forward to this Thanksgiving?

XO, Jennifer

Thanksgiving movies to watch this season my own true north


A list of the best Thanksgiving movies to watch this season my own true north

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