About Me

I am socially awkward. I am smart but working on how to be wise. I wear my heart on my sleeve and forget to put on the filter connecting my thoughts to my tongue. Even if I think before I speak, it always comes out opposite of eloquence. My longest adult relationship with any person is with my hair stylist; the next longest relationship is with my PhD. I live on lattes, always hot – even in 110 degree (F) heat, and my laptop (well, one of my three; I used to have four, but when I left my job I gave that one back) goes with me everywhere. My digital office is anyplace I can get a great espresso pulled that has wifi. Laptops and lattes make my world go round and are the fuel to my dissertation.I adopted the world’s worst bad dog. She tries – so hard – to be good, but fails in such epic fashion, repeatedly. Oh, Edie…. Of the 4,893 pictures on my iphone roll, 70% are disregarding-her-preference-for-body-space pictures. I love that little jerk, even if she locks me out of my car on blisteringly hot summer days and breaks my ankle. I recently deleted approximately 2,000 pictures from my iphone storage. I am a digital hoarder.

I love pink – all pink – even pepto pink. Yes to pink. But my favorite color is blue. The best thing to have ever happened to me was the finale scene of Sleeping Beauty and the pink dress vs blue dress battle. That’s as much as I subscribe to fairy tales. I have a mild obsession with Anne et Valentin glasses and am constantly in fear of breaking any pair because I can’t afford to replace them. I eat too much sugar. I probably drink too much wine. I prefer to travel alone because that is easier. I say f*ck far too frequently. To me, it is a verb, a noun, an abverb & adjective, and even is punctuatory; it is the most universally applicable word I know. It can be an adjective to itself as a noun, even. And I know words. With minimal exceptions, I have *terrible* judgment with regard to men, and the worst thing ever is to try to be friends with an ex. I cannot drive a standard transmission but can operate tractors on open farm fields. I regularly take to dancing around my condo in significant stages of undress (benefit of being single) and blast music too loud for someone my age; I cannot carry a tune in a bucket or a wheel barrel but my goodness if music isn’t the nourishment to my soul. I’m never on the up and up of new trends with bands and am quite alright with being behind that curve. I am working on my dissertation, after all, and that is a legitimate excuse for me to pretty much fail at everything else in life.Oh, and after two master degrees and weeks away from finishing my PhD, I realized I don’t know what the ****  want to do, so after 12.5 years at my employer, I left work, and am living on a not-rolling-in-dough savings to try to travel and improve my Spanish. We will see what kind of fantastic disaster that will be. I am homeless and jobless and too old to be either. I’ll come back to the States after I turn 40, unless Trump gets elected, then I’d probably rather be homeless and illegal in Caracas than have to deal with him.

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