A (Bad) Dog’s Life

What a dog’s life. Little Edie’s got it made, whether in sunshine, a beach bar in the desert, or under a tree’s shade. She’s still a bad dog, particularly when chewing a new CK bra, then a (not-cheap!) belt from JCrew, followed by gnawing a hole as big as her head in the left arm of a merino wool sweater (also from JCrew, who does not have any brown sweaters in their color palette this season with which I can replace what is formerly my favorite frigging sweater).


Tricky, Tricky, Snow is Sticky!

So, the Mayans may be getting the last laugh after all. It snowed in Hell… or Hell froze over. One of the two; maybe both. Either way, what I can’t believe I’m saying is… it frigging snowed in Phoenix!  Well, at least in July, it feels hotter than Hell in Phoenix, and today, er “Yesterday,” it snowed on my geraniums. And around the palm trees outside my front door. And, my neighborhood didn’t even get the full dusting some of my friends living in North Scottsdale saw! It snowed…. in Phoenix. Or, as meteorologists are calling it, gropple? Kind of like calling what were decades’ worth of monsoon dust storms are now haboobs?


First Birthmas of the Year!
‘Tis the season… 
for laughter, mirth, and love.
I am supremely enchanted tonight, and incredibly grateful for the friend who knows my style so well and generously (SUPER generously) remembers I’ve coveted this bracelet from J.Crew for over a year and took note of how forlorn I was when I tried it on and asked it be put back in the case this summer, the same friend who agrees that Tuck Shop is the best place for our final 2012 friend-date (the same friend who braves what have now been dubbed “res dogs” while camping in the very rustic Navajo Nation), and the friend who has the sense of humor to wish me a billionaire boyfriend for 2013. I told her that a billionaire is probably too high maintenance for me, and even that a millionaire is likely too much ego for my patience. Heck, I’d settle for someone who matches my salary… which, from what I hear, even that is wishful thinking. This economy… blows. Because, although I am comfortable with my take home pay, there is an awful lot that I budget and do without because my “expendable” income gets quickkly exhausted. But I DO appreciate her humor and sentiment!
This is… a Birthmas gift I will wear with enthusiasm and treasure for much time to come… with or without an overly sweet perfume (I think not, for I love my Parisian fragrance so much, it reminds me what I loved about and miss each day I don’t stroll along the Seine). 

It’s been raining all weekend, and the change in the sky, and the smell of the air, and the look of all the surfaces feels just magical.

Checking out Central Phoenix’s newest yogurt shop (it was just a little bit! and I’ve been counting some major calorie reductions….) and doodling for a bit while on break from the last truly heinous paper I’ll have to write for a little while. I’m sooo close… To being ABD, not close enough to that frigging PhD. This afternoon, it’ll be back to work. Countdown to the weekend end, I hope to be done with this thing by tomorrow night. Later, gators!