I discovered For the
Foxes in a rather “basic” way (Pandora’s BORNS station), but I am,
basically, fairly “basic,” so I guess that’s rather alright. I really
don’t even know why it’s considered a bad thing, anyway, to be “basic.” I
am aware the term is intended to be an insult, but by whom, and what is
so offensive to this particular snarky crew? There’s a punchy
competitiveness – and not relegated to females – I occasionally hear the
condescending cutes from men, too – and pressure to be unique and
individualistic. You know what, I’ll let Rihanna shine bright like a
diamond (I still am highly suspect about gross human rights grievances
and exploitation all for the sake of diamonds… “F” I digressed, again –
happens all the time). But, more to that in my next post…. See you tomorrow!


Dating App Fatigue | Video iChat with Coffee

Dating apps are no longer shiny new toys. Every site has an app and everyone on one app is on every other app, too. I completely relate to Drew Barymore’s dilemma in this scene from He’s Just Not That Into You. The dating app fatigue is real.

Truth. It is exhausting.

And, yikes.

And, this is why I’m single. Also why so many of my friends, are, too. Meanwhile, I’m thinking about cozying up with my Apple TV to stream  a certain chick flick – or a few – and get ready for a whole lot of left swipes.

dating app fatigue

dating app fatigue